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Remember Me

Janice Finlay - A.B.H. CD
Words and Music by: Janice Finlay; Piano Arrangement by Don Thompson


Remember Me: More and more people are experiencing the heartbreaking loss that is wrought by Alzheimer’s Disease, and unfortunately my life has been touched too. The introduction is meant to be a little sardonic, since each birthday celebrated also brings closer the possible arrival of this disease. This piece was written following a visit with a beloved relative who was at the time in the early-to-mid stages of the disease. I chose the title because it seemed during the visit one of my roles was to help this relative remember who they had been – in a sense to help them remember themselves (“me”) - but also because I think most of us would like to leave the world knowing we have loved well, touching the lives of others in a significant way and knowing we will not be forgotten by the people who love us.  Erin Propp does a fabulous job on the vocals, and special thanks go to Don Thompson who spent a great deal of time and creative energy adding many beautiful touches to the tune, including the hopeful last chord. 


Remember Me



I was your mother and your confidante,

I dried your tears upon my knee.

And when I’m gone,

remember me;

I’m always there when you think about me.



I was your sister and I loved you so,

we shared so many things.

Now my thoughts are jumbled,

faces, names, confuse me;

please remember me.



And so the cycle goes,

and no one ever knows,

who we’ll love, when we’ll leave,

hearts we’ll touch in ways unseen.

And as I fade away,

and just my smile remains,

in little ones, you’ll see my eyes, you’ll hear my laugh,

you’ll realize,

that –



now that I’m gone, you do remember me.

You hold me in your heart.

All the love we shared

has made the journey worth it.

Please remember me.


Please remember me.