Class Act Music Productions


The Pillaging Pug

Janice Finlay = A.B.H. CD
Written By: Janice Finlay


The Pillaging Pug: I am the guardian of Satchmo, a black pug who is my first pet. When Satchmo arrived in early September 2001, I had a difficult time finding food that he liked to eat; he seemed to have allergies and not do too well on most food.  So I kept switching him to different foods, and he kept being sick.  One night I had let him out into the yard to do his last run of the evening, and when I went to let him in, I heard snuffling in the garden (he is black, it was night – the only way to find him was by listening). Well, darned if he wasn’t eating every tomato he could find – green, rotten, ripe…whatever.  So it was not the food making him sick….it was his penchant for tomatoes and his pillaging ways!  I think you can hear him sneaking stealthily towards his target if you listen for it!

Also, I should acknowledge Jordy McIntyre's great contribution to the arrangement of this piece!